2013 in Review!


  • Global NSA spying scandal brought to light by Snowden. PRISM, Project Chess, Upstream, XKeyscore, smartphone and financial spying, maps of American’s social contacts, corporate collusion and cookie tracking.
  •  A government shutdown eroding the faith in US credit
  • Bloodiest year in Iraq a DECADE after the invasion
  • A close call with Syria stopped by public outcry tired of deceit
  • Torturous Guantanamo force feeding / inmate protest
  • The rise of Bitcoin due to no trust in the monetary systems and governments
  • Collapse of Mainstream media’s viewers and ratings
  • Massive Protest against GMO giant Monsanto and fracking
  • The persecution and death of Aaron Swartz
  • The Mayflower OIL SPILL 10,000 barrels equivalent forcing evacuation
  • MILLION mask march
  • War on Anonymous, free speech, protesting, and guns
  • Constant Predator drone bombings, double taps,  civilians slaughtered in the so called war on terror evidence suggest war OF terror with Obama’s backing and funding of Al-Qaeda and Mexican drug cartels
  • Formerly Bradley Manning prosecution
  • Syrian Christians persecuted, beheaded, and ran off
  • Complete failure, rejection, and dishonesty of Obamacare
  • 100 YEARS of the “Federal” Reserve scam
  • Fukishima radiation made it’s way to US west coast and ocean
  • Martial law after the Boston Bombing; military throwing everyone out of their homes pointing their guns in everyone’s faces including women’s and children’s’ leaving the homes wide open unlocked treating us like terrorist and after all that it was a citizen who found the “suspect” in his boat. Kraft mercenaries pictured with the “bomb backpack” left the scene of the crime without the backpack, attendees told of a “terror drill” before bombing. False flag suspected a dozen ways; “False flag”  trends on Google afterwards.’


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