What the Frack!

    Hydraulic fracturing technically speaking includes horizontally drilling into Earth inserting a toxic combination of chemicals deep within (reminds me of a Flu shot) at high pressure to release natural gas or oil. Chemical-laden water used in fracking contaminates local water and streams and brings unexpectedly high levels of radioactivity to the surface. When the water flow from a household tap starts to burst into FLAMES you know we have a problem. With big oil lobbying millions of $$ every year to keep their operations going. Halliburton company’s former CEO, ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, got Congress in 2005 to exempt fracking from regulation under the Clean Drinking Water Act.
The toxic slew also evaporates into the air I’m calling it super pollution. Texas has experienced more earthquakes since it began fracking in 2008 than the last four decades combined! A report said the number of magnitude-3 earthquakes or greater occurring in the mid-region of North America surged from 29 in 2008 to 134 last year. Including 16 quakes in 3 weeks in Texas and over 100 in Ohio. Disposing of tons of water thousands of feet down causes the plates to slip from the lubrication from the water disrupting the natural order of things. The Methane found in the water is potentially EXPLOSIVE and Benzene if ingested or inhaled can cause cancer and Anemia and that’s coming straight from the EPA from 2010 not to mention Lead, Formaldehyde, Diesel.
But now energy companies are shielding these fracking firms who are FIRED up from potential profits. Sinkholes are also a side effect from fracking and mining by destroying the foundation which holds everything up above it from collasping. let’s just hope these companies open up a sinkhole under themselves. There’s no regulations even considering the 600% increase in eathquakes by these fracking sites. A lot of people are unaware of this because it’s a puzzle that you have to put together the pieces to understand. America is getting fracked up! Fracking victims being sued by the fracking industry through the two-tiered justice system. Living in the Permain Basin myself I’m too familar with the big oil conglomerate.alt




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