Fukushima USA, NSA Cyborg, Energy Technology, Healthcare

   NSA-Encryption-Supercomp_SS_010314-617x416  original

      California ocean floor, dive into the depths to set your eyes on what now lays there. Cancel your scuba diving plans or bust out the flashlights and count the sea life bodies. After Fukushima is collapsing food chains; 98% of the ocean floor is covered with dead decomposing sea bodies 150 miles off the coast of Cali. In March that figure was only a mere 1% in the same study! Say hello to food shortages west coast, if gulf fisherman lost their job from the BP oil spill imagine the impact this will have.

  • NSA black budget funding crypto-ready quantum computer; encryption being made obsolete all for “Penetrating Hard Targets” soon enough. Combine this with Google buying DARPA-funded robotics firm Boston Dynamics, Amazon’s plan for drone deliveries and the near future’s super technology is flying our way. But the question is how long before this technology becomes highly weaponized. Texas already green lighting pre-crime technology to obtain a warrant. So you “might” commit a crime? All your belongings are already getting hacked and searched before-hand all ready to be arrested by an “Android Robot” thrown in the back into a self driving car to be thrown into an old fashioned cage. Let’s pray it won’t be so.

qq_atlasrobot_fThe most significant renewable energy technology breakthrough in recent years. Hydrothermal liquefaction converts wet algae into crude oil! All with NO toxic chemicals and takes only an hour to complete. Has tons of potential but is still cost-prohibitive. Continued research will land eventual cost-effective method of producing energy using a renewable method that mimics the process that fossil fuels were first created inside Earth.

In other news Obamacare isn’t getting better. Dictating the care doctors give, millions of young Americans refusing to sign up. Oregon spent 300 million to get 44 Oregonians to sign up that’s $75 each for Oregon’s nearly 4 million residents.




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