Bitcoin, NSA, Holding back leaks?


1% of the NSA leaks SLOWLY being released making reporters and former whistle-blowers weary. Thinking twice about the intentions at hand. At this rate it would take over 40 years to fully release everything that these few reporters already have all the documents that could be shown. The full presentation of the PRISM program still hasn’t been showed to the public contrary to what Snowden wanted. An ASSASSINATION PROGRAM that was suppose to be released. In mid-July Glenn Greenwald said he would finish his reporting by the end of the year but now wants profit partnering with the Ebay founder for $250 million, making book deals and starting a kickstarter news apparatus. Paypal connections with the NSA and Ebay founder has been avoided for release. Selling leaks to a billionaire? Right now it’s still speculation. Snowden is a hero but did he trust the wrong reporters ?


Bitcoin, a decentralized transparent tax free encrypted currency. Not enforced by a vast military industrial complex. No favoritism or middle-man where the system doesn’t pick winners and losers. Naturally deflationary because of its fixed supply. Increasing value of Bitcoins is purely based on the free market’s voluntary adoption and some speculation. Debt-free unlike the Federal reserve’s interest owed on every dollar created. With many super-powers finding alternatives to the dollar making the power of this technology clear. With Zynga and most likely Netfix getting on board!

Fallout continues, California introduces a bill stripping the NSA of electricity and water in the state. Bans officials from cooperating with the NSA in  a step in the right direction an example of states taking things into their own hands.


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