Snowden Disinformation, Washington NSA Bill, Blackout Day


      U.S. security officials confirming last week that there isn’t evidence Snowden collaborated with Russia or foreign agents while obtaining or leaking any classified documents. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) would have you think that he’s a Russian spy! As panic sets in to the establishment the mainstream media rushes Obama to a press conference to “promise” no more immediate access to warrantless wiretaps. “Promise” Scaling down “contact chaining” from three degrees of communication down to two. “Promise” National Security letters won’t contain permanent gag orders, and scaled down spying on foreigners. Damage control initiated as the president’s message of “surveillance equals freedom.” Opened his speech placing himself clearly on the side of the surveillance state as his reforms has done nothing to sway the public opinion on the matter. Fear-mongering 9/11 as justification to spying and insists all of our data held by a 3rd party. A third-party accessing all of our data will be just as bad holding the calls, texts, and emails instead. No actual reforms cosmetic tweaks so as to placate public anger while leaving the system fundamentally unchanged. NSA Surveillance is about Control, information suppression & Leverage, not Security. President Obama nor the presidential task force charged with reviewing NSA programs can’t point to a single terrorist incident that has been prevented by NSA spying.

Washington state also taking shots at the NSA; HB2272 bill of Washington “to refuse material support, participation, or assistance to any federal agency which claims the power, or with any federal law, rule, regulation, or order which purports to authorize, the collection of electronic data or metadata of any person pursuant to any action not based on a warrant.” Washington counts as the 1st state with an actual NSA facility within its borders to consider the Fourth Amendment Protection Act. As Obama’s speech sidelines actual reforms states are claiming their own reign in of the agency. HB2272 ‘s prohibition against using unconstitutionally gathered data in state court would probably have the most immediate impact! With this idea catching fire around the US, let’s turn off all the NSA’s electricity and water!

Reddit, EFF, Mozilla, BoingBoing and tons of other companies fighting back against NSA spying with Feb. 11th officially being called “Blackout Day” or “Day We Fight Back.” Thousands of websites will host banners urging people to call/email Congress. Asking legislators to oppose the FISA Improvements Act, support the USA Freedom Act, and enact protections for non-Americans. With mass surveillance undermining the Internet, and the notion that any of us live in a genuinely free society. On the anniversary of Aaron‘s passing, and in celebration of victory against SOPA and PIPA that he made possible. Day of protest against mass surveillance, to take place this February 11th.

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