NSA History & TPP


The year is 1952, into creation comes the NSA by President Harry Truman. Years of non-stop expansion makes the agency into a threat to human rights, on a path to worldwide surveillance. 1973, Supreme Court rules warrants are required for domestic intelligence surveillance. 1975, Senate “Church Committee” investigation uncovers illegal domestic spying by NSA and recommends reforms and on Oct 6 1978, “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” (FISA) was signed into law “protecting Americans” from domestic spying. Although in its entire 33-year history, the unaccountable and secretive FISA court has rejected only 11 of 34,000 requests. Officially they’ve been told to use 9/11 as justification for their existence; but the problem is the spying began before 9/11 and yet didn’t stop the attack and invaded the wrong country purposefully. The NSA would have exposed Dick Cheney, Bush, and their Saudi friends if they were after the terrorists involved. Connecting the dots the NSA was “gifted” 9/11 to give them a veil of “national security protection”  along with the military industrial complex and its allies who was also granted its role to endlessly expand even further to suppress humanity in the name of terrorism. Such surveillance gains intelligence advantageous to US diplomacy, trade relations, corporations, war-making, and ability to obtain intimate information that provides leverage / blackmail in sensitive global dealings and negotiations of every sort. NSA’s ability to judge the course of a country with its intelligence and get in there to alter it through proxy wars, funding revolutions, planting leaders among other means to force a country to go with the plans is clear. For example current Ukrainian turmoil being initiated because of resistance from Ukraine to comply with an EU agreement trying to force compliance and using the country geopolitically against US’s enemies. & Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi taken out because of his country’s economic independence, fiscal leadership, and defiance to be infused by the globalists to destabilize the region.

TPP, the secretive corporate created trade deal. The Obama administration is attempting to ram “fast-track” through congress; a provision that forbids amendments or filibustering. Representatives who have had very little chance to review the bill will be expected to vote on it without the chance to alter it. Although more than 600 official corporate “trade advisors” have special access to the treaty and has been under negotiation for five years. The WikiLeaks documents show that every other country in the negotiations stood against American intellectual property demands but the U.S. also has significant disagreements with the other nations on matters of law, rule making, environmental, and attempting to restrict financial regulations. There’s evidence that the United States is pushing back on “climate change” and resisting other forms of environmental protection. The President’s negotiators fighting for the right of corporations to sue foreign governments over their laws and regulations as the US is home to the world’s largest corporations. Australia has objected to this provision on the grounds that it gives corporations equal status with independent nations. Not only our government is trying to ram this treaty through but they’re trying to make it worse. Whether it’s corrupt financial institutions on Wall Street, big pharma, tech, Monsanto, Hollywood, big oil, or big tobacco, the American negotiators have been fighting for their interests. TPP would send millions more American jobs overseas, destroy U.S. sovereignty, obliterate environmental laws, labor protections, food safety laws, lower wages, raise drug prices and more. The good news beings a broad coalition including labor, farm, internet and environmental groups are in the midst of a “Ten Days To Stop fast Track” movement against the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.



2 thoughts on “NSA History & TPP

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