Arizona’s Nullify Gun Laws, Alaska & Vermont NSA Bill

arizona      The Grand Canyon State’s SB1294 seeking to stop federal government trampling of the Constitution any longer; passing this bill to stop the state of Arizona from helping the feds violate your rights. SB1294  prohibits the state from enforcing “any federal act, law, order, rule or regulation that relates to a personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition within the limits of this state.” A superior effective way to detour the federal government according to Judge Andrew Napolitano and James Madison. States are partners with the federal government in implementing most federal programs therefore non-compliance of the states make federal programs like gun control nearly impossible to enforce. Just last week Florida introduced HB733  similar to the Arizona’s bill, as more states are working together to stop unconstitutional laws returning the powers not expressly given to the federal government back to the States and the People, according to the Constitution. To help push these measures visit An illustration picture shows the logo of the U.S. National Security Agency on the display of an iPhone in Berlin      Alaska warrantless spying by NSA among other agencies facing a ban of the state and local governments from assisting, cooperating with or participating “with a federal agency in the collection of electronic data” under any federal acts which authorize that collection “without a search warrant that particularly describes the person, place, and thing to be searched or seized” if House Bill 283 and Senate Bill 142 pass.  Calling for a complete stand-down in areas where the state participates in surveillance.  Law professor Randy Barnett said “State governments are free to refrain from cooperating with federal authorities if they so choose. In general, states cannot attack federal operations, but that’s not the same as refusing to help. The FBI and other investigative bodies in the federal government are regularly using a mobile device known as a “stingray” to intercept and collect electronic data without a warrant and local and state police “have access through sharing agreements. This legislation would ban the state from using such information in court proceedings, rendering it almost useless in practice and the legislation have been referred to the respective chamber’s Committee on Community and Regional Affairs, where a majority vote will be needed before sending the legislation to the next committee, Judiciary. From there, the bill can pass on to the house and senate floor for consideration and vote. As Arizona state senate committee became the FIRST legislative body in the country to pass a bill designed to undermine mass surveillance programs from the NSA with Senate Bill 1156 on Monday (2/3/14), the Arizona 4th Amendment Protection Act. SB1156 now moving to the Senate Rules committee where it’ll need to pass by a majority vote before being considered by the full senate. We cannot sacrifice liberty for security. To help push this measure visit

     Vermont introduces the Fourth Amendment Protection Act to prohibit any state support of the NSA. House Bill 732 states “refuse to provide material support for or assist or in any way participate in the collection of a person’s electronic data or metadata by any federal agency or pursuant to any federal law, rule, regulation, or order unless the data is collected pursuant to a warrant that particularly describes the persons, places, and things to be searched or seized.” the Vermont bill addresses two areas where the NSA relies on state assistance to continue their programs secretive Special Operations Division (SOD) is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans. Cases that rarely involve national security issues, and local law enforcement is directed by SOD to conceal how such investigations truly begin. Would also ban the state of Vermont from providing any resources, including water or electricity, which aids any federal agency in the collection of electronic data or metadata without a “judicially-issued warrant that particularly describes the persons, places, and things to be searched or seized.” After NSA leaks exposing the fallout of the data collection has made this an issue that crosses all party lines that has cooperation from all sides to stop unwarranted collection. H732 has been referred to the Vermont House Judiciary Committee where it will need to be passed by a majority vote before being considered by the full state house.  See also for more Special Operations Division (SOD) information.




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