USNEWSGHOST US Ukraine Coup, Israel Gaza Conflict

US Ukraine Coup, Israel Gaza Conflict, War

US Ukraine Coup, Israel Gaza Conflict, War The civil war now raging inside Ukraine is a turning-point in world history, regarding many different respects: For one thing, this civil war was produced as the direct result of the 2014 coup in Ukraine that was carried out by the Obama Administration in much the same general way that…

Odessa Massacre, IMF, Ukraine Russia US Conflict, Kiev Crisis

Odessa Massacre, IMF, Ukraine Russia US Conflict, Kiev Crisis. Photos, Videos & Tour

(Graphic) Odessa Ukraine Massacre Click here if you want to see the picture I’m referring to here. You can also click here to view other images taken from the scene. Translation: Bravo, Odessa. Pearl of the Ukrainian spirit. Birthplace of the great nationalists Ivan and Yuri Jul. Let the Devils burn in hell. The best…

Crimea Russia Ukraine US NATO Conflict USNEWSGHOST

Crimea Russia Conflict, Global Economy Effect, Sanctions, Energy Infrastructure

     With the referendum on Crimean independence and possible reunification with Russia now taking place, the US and its European allies have threatened actions to battle Moscow. Measures that include denial of visas, freezing of assets, even commencing economic sanctions against Russia and Russian interests. Escalation of tensions would undoubtedly have negative, potentially disastrous, effects…

Ukraine Russia Conflict US NATO Double Standards List of Overthrown Governments

Russia Ukraine Conflict, U.S. NATO Double Standards, List of Overthrown Governments

Deployment of Russian forces into Crimea and eastern Ukraine, the US-NATO propaganda machine has kicked into high gear. Putin has been portrayed as a tyrannical aggressor, while the Obama administration and its European allies have attempted to stake out the moral high ground, declaring that peace, respect for sovereignty and international law should be the…


NSA History & TPP

The year is 1952, into creation comes the NSA by President Harry Truman. Years of non-stop expansion makes the agency into a threat to human rights, on a path to worldwide surveillance. 1973, Supreme Court rules warrants are required for domestic intelligence surveillance. 1975, Senate “Church Committee” investigation uncovers illegal domestic spying by NSA and…